B. Hunt Whitbeck, Jr.

Brock Capital

Hunt is Chief Administrative Officer at Brock. His work with Brock clients has been primarily in the areas of financial and general management effectiveness.

Hunt’s prior career began at Citibank with 16 years of corporate lending and relationship banking at Citibank in a number of specialized industry groups including transportation; oil, mining and chemicals; real estate; and construction and engineering. For the subsequent 18 years he held business development positions with a number of institutional investment management firms including Citicorp Investment Management, Chancellor Capital Management and Invesco Capital Management.

Hunt has served as an officer and director of a number of not-for-profit organizations and currently is Executive Director of the American Foundation for Affordable Housing, Inc.

He is a graduate of Harvard College in 1965 with Honors in Chinese Studies and of Harvard Business School in 1967. While an officer in the US Air Force, he completed a year of the night program at Georgetown Law School.